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Dollar Store Automated Shadowboxes

 I have to come clean, I have an addiction that absolutely runs my life. Its Dollar Tree. There's just something about Chinese Meals-for-One sized art supplies and e-waste that I simply cant resist. Its as if something inside of me is awoken that makes me lose all control the minute I pass through those green, gliding doors.  Two of my Dollar store favorites are mini picture frames and hot glue. I love getting hot glue from the dollar store because they always have it and the packages they give run out quickly, so I always have an excuse to visit the dollar store again. However, on one journey to the store something by the checkout lane piqued my interest.  For some reason, around summertime every dollar store is absolutely infested with solar lawn lamps. For some reason they are seemingly dropped off by the pallet load at every store. Right by the checkout lane there's always at least 50 in stock. I decided to grab a few with on my way out to rip apart and try to utilize someh
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New Croc Mods - Paint, Netting, and More

My newest pair has been inspired by my latest YouTube slop addiction topic: mass extinction. I sought to replicate a fossilized texture to the shoe by utilizing walnut, peony, flat whites, semi-gloss white, and Navajo white. This is my second pair of men’s shoes and I am quite pleased with them.  The main eye-grabber of the shoes is the netting in my opinion. By adding netting, insoles, and clipped straps the docile foam shoe is furnished into nearly a fully fledged sneaker. On foot, the comfort is improved and the walk ability is night and day. There is a little to be done with fitment, but I think the insoles are a grand addition I’m still working on finding the best paint for painting foam shoes. This application is novel and demanding, requiring an enamel with high compliance, flexibility and mechanical adhesion to the foam. I find that the Zinisser primer I used sometimes chips or peels if the shoe is manipulated before it is completely dry. However, I found using liberal applica

HUF x SatYourDay Radio - Graphic Submission

  This was a fun one to cook up! Anthony from Satyourday called me to help out with some graphics for a tentative HUF collab and i had just the idea . Anthony is a good friend of mine and one of our favorite pastimes is smoking pot and listening to music in his Garage after work. I thought this would be a great theme to include with the weed sock company and decided to combine retro radio shirts, DJing, and fun times getting fried in this one graphic. Another special thanks to Anthony from Satyourday for the opportunity.

Using 3d Printing to Make my Crocs Come Alive!

 I'm sorry, but I think these are one of the dopest projects I have came up with to date. They incorporate all of my favorite things - 3D Printing, spray paint, bootleg clothes, noxious adhesives, thrifting, and dumpster diving. It truly went from accident to obsession, and now I cant look at a pair of abandoned crackhead sneakers without picking them up and larping as Virgil Abloh. The steps to the project are simple: Find shoes, print spikes, procure embellishments, glue everything together and season them with your favorite flavor of spray paint. This blog post is not a tutorial per se, but more of a write up of my findings and thoughts around the project.   Finding shoes to customize   There are many ways to use 3d printing to customize shoes, but its all in vain if the shoes are ugly to begin with. However, its not feasible for the average person to spend retail price for shoes they intend to cover in glue and plastic. Its important to find sources that offer a balance between